Detroit, MI — The Detroit Public Schools are ready for the second of the two Count Days in the 2008-09 school year. It will take place on Wednesday, February 11. This pupil count will be used by the state to determine part of the funding the District will receive for the 2009-10 school year.

The highest possible number of students in class helps the District to receive the greatest amount of State funding. Those funds will be used to keep current DPS academic and enrichment programs operating such as:

– 300 all-day, Pre-K and Kindergarten sites
– Career Tech Centers that prepare students for jobs and/or college and boast graduation rates of over 90%
– NASA Explorer elementary school that puts students in touch with astronauts
– Foreign language immersion school that offers students a choice of four languages
– Ninth grade academies that provide more student support to reduce dropout rates
– Award-winning robotics programs
– Two exceptionally well accepted, single-sex high schools
– A professional-level high school devoted exclusively to the arts and mass communication
– High schools selected as some of the best in the country by U.S. News and World Report Magazine
– A state-of-the art school exclusively for physically and emotionally fragile students with many special needs satellite programs in numerous schools

The funds will also help create learning opportunities that can take student achievement to higher levels. Collectively, the many unique and irreplaceable programs in DPS are not available in any Charter, private, parochial or other public schools or districts in the state. Unlike Charter and other non-public schools, the Detroit Public Schools are here for every child with no exceptions because of academic, physical/emotional or even some behavioral problems. Detroit children deserve these and more DPS learning opportunities for the education today that holds the promise of a great future tomorrow. Count Day is the way to keep them.

It is vital that all DPS students arrive at school, on time on Count Day but if a child misses this Count Day there is a grace period. The parent has until March 4 to make sure that the child is back in school without having to provide an excuse such as a note from a physician. With an accepted excuse for the absence, a parent has until March 13 to return the child to school. By meeting those deadlines, the child is added to the Count Day total. It is also state law that all parents or guardians must send the child to a state-approved school during the entire school year. If a parent fails to follow that statute, they can be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

For information about DPS enrollment, call 313-873-7098 or visit our website at www.detroitk12.org.
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