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The culmination of one of the most closely followed presidential campaigns in the history of this country will take place on November 4th – the election to choose the next leader of the United States of America. A very large number of Detroit residents who will come out and vote, will cast their votes at polling sites inside Detroit Public Schools.

Preparation for voting day has been underway in 88 Detroit Public schools in all areas of the city, for several weeks. The focus is to make the voting process as efficient as possible. In the schools, the classrooms near the voting area will provide seating for those who are waiting to reduce the congestion in the actual voting area. It will also provide a small measure of comfort for those who
are unable to stand for extended periods of time.

On Monday before the election, election workers will arrive at the schools as early as 5:30 a.m. to begin setting up the voting equipment. Many schools will host the election in the gymnasium
but all facilities will house it in an area that is easily accessible for the general public and that is in compliance with American Disabilities Act guidelines.

Superintendent Connie K. Calloway, Ph.D. praised all Detroit Public Schools staff for their extra efforts, service and flexibility to make the voting process a convenient one, and thanked the Board, Coalition of Unions and entire district governance team for their participation.

Not only will the District host many polling places, but for the past several weeks, many schools have held mock elections and closely followed the major candidates. These hands-on social
studies activities help prepare the students for the day when they will come to a Detroit Public school.not to go to class, but to cast their vote in an election.

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