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The year was 1992 and for Hector Quevedo, his little town of Punta Arenas, Chile just didn’t hold the excitement and appeal that it had when he was younger. It was time for a road trip, and what a trip he planned. Hector and one of his sons, Hugo, spent two years driving through every country possible between their old home and their destination, Detroit, Michigan and the Henry Ford Museum. Even more amazing is the fact that they only had a few dollars when they began the trip in Hector’s 1928 Model A Ford. He’d spent years assembling it from parts salvaged from similar cars that were junked near his home.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, the Red Cross and several petroleum and tire companies, Hector and Hugo completed the 24,000 mile trip with no major incidents. They caused quite a sensation when Hector’s ultimate dream came true and they finally took their considerably shorter trip to the Museum in the car. There, Hector fed his hunger for information about cars and automobile mechanics, surrounded by some of the rarest and most impressive automobile technology in the world. The Museum later bought Hector’s car, which is on display. Hector and his son found jobs here.

Jump ahead 14 years, and the Metro Detroit area just doesn’t hold the excitement and appeal that it had when Hector was younger. It’s time for a road trip.a trip back home, taking a different route from Detroit to Chile. He’ll also be driving a newer car-a 1948 DeSoto that he spent about 5 years working on here. He’ll stop in Mexico where he’ll be joined by his other son, Alejandro, then they’ll head for Chile and home.

But this time, Hector will cause a sensation when he leaves because the students at The Academy Of The Americas (5680 Konkel) have a big send off planned for their ‘Papi.’ He visited the school and spent time with 4th graders after having met one of the teachers, through a mutual friend. So on Friday, October 10th, Hector will be the guest of honor at the school’s Hispanic Heritage program that begins at 9:00 a.m. Then outside for the parade at about 10:30 a.m., that will send him off with the best wishes of the children who will remember him for years to come.

“Hector was a wonderful experience for the children. He spoke Spanish, which meant a lot to them and then there were all of the wonderful stories that he loved to tell about his life in Chile, the people he and his son met and the new places they visited on the trip. It was fascinating,’ said Mary Duran, the teacher that Mr. Quevedo met. “You never know where a great lesson will come from and Hector certainly is a great lesson for the children about perseverance and never giving up on your dreams,” she added.

The media is invited to come and visit Hector’s school full of friends – Naomi Khalil, Principal/ 596-7640.

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