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Even though the state of Michigan provides funds for only 1,660 students, the Detroit Public Schools'(DPS) Adult Education program currently services 1,900 students because they need one more try to complete their secondary schooling. Adult education helps many students to literally begin a new life because quite a few who didn’t graduate from high school still found well-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector, but lost them because of economic and industry downturns. Now they are no longer competitive in the job market making the completion of their education a must.

There are currently 19 DPS Adult Education sites throughout Detroit, with two more locations scheduled to open in the fall of 2009. Certified teachers and state-of-the-art technology guide program offerings such as:

High School Completion – Students can recover and earn credits toward graduation and work independently on their science, English, mathematics and social studies class work, utilizing the NovaNET, on- line teaching modules. Their progress is constantly monitored by the teaching staff.

General Education Development – This prepares students to take the Official GED test. Classroom work is monitored to determine when individuals are ready to take the test. Students who pass it have the problem solving, communication, and computation skills needed for post-secondary education and career training.

Adult Basic Education – This program concentrates on language development, reading comprehension and essential math skills. It can prepare individuals for success in the workplace, the family and the community in general. The curriculum benefits non-readers as well as those who can move on to the GED program.

English as a Second Language – Many students have already completed high school and college so the course puts emphasis on the understanding and proper use of the English language through speaking, reading, writing and interactive sessions. The goal is to be able to accomplish everyday tasks. The students are also encouraged to take Adult Basic Education or the GED test.

Potential students must be 20 years old by September 1st of the school year in which they will begin to attend. Their classes are free. Individuals who are at least 16 years old by September 1st of the school year in which they will begin to attend, must have been permanently expelled from school with no appropriate alternative education program in their District of residence. For more information call 313-852-1089 or 313-866-9280.

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