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Most high school student’s look forward to a summer free of learning, sleeping in late, and watching countless hours of television, but four bright and talented DPS students had a different idea this year. Instead of relaxing like their peers, these students welcomed the opportunity to take part in the first summer technology internship program with Detroit Public Schools. Kent Beverly from Breithaupt/Cody H.S., Patrick Clay from Randolph/Henry Ford H.S, Andreanna Austin-Crawford from Breithaupt/Northwestern H.S. and Jerry Walton-Pratcher from Golightly/Kettering H.S., were selected to take part in the Division of Technology and Information Systems, Technology Internship Project. This project was supported by Vision1 and ConsArt business partners and was a collaborative effort with the Office of Career and Technical Education and Career Technical Centers. The 3 month program began June 16th and the students say they were “very excited” about the opportunity to spend their summer learning. Technology intern Patrick Clay says, “It’s an awesome program, and I’d tell anyone interested in doing it, to do it!”

The students were told about the opportunity from their teacher sponsors before the end of last school year, but the help stopped there: each student had to interview for the position on their own. Cynthia Heath, DPS Program Supervisor/Project Manager, and Frank Felton, Deputy CIO, were instrumental in putting the program together. The goal was to create opportunities of experience for students interested in the IT field. The students had the chance to work along side employees from VisionIT, Unisys Corp., SYNC Technology and ConsArt, which are all part of the Vision1 team, gaining valuable hand-on experience. VisionIT General Manager Gaurang Joshi and Vision1 Program Executive Marianne Swatosh working with DPS Information Technology helped oversee the program and said each student did an excellent job working with the department they were assigned. Job shadowing, setting up computer labs, testing equipment, configuring operating systems, and installing software are just a few of the things the students did while part of the program.

All the students say the program was a great opportunity to explore their interest in the IT field, and look forward to continuing down this path in the coming years. Here are some of the plans the students have for the future:

Andreanna Austin-Crawford plans to attend Marygrove College, majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business. In five years, Andreanna says she sees herself with a Bachelor of Science degree working towards her Master’s, and being a “successful leader.”

Patrick Clay plans on completing his senior year at Henry Ford High School, attending Henry Ford Community College and applying for admission to Ferris State University. He also plans on pursuing certification in IT and completing his second year at the Cisco Networking Academy. In five years he seems himself with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, and plans to move to Washington D.C metro area to pursue a position with NSA.

Jerry Walton-Pratcher plans on attending Western Michigan University, obtaining degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science and joining the Air Force. He also plans on owning his own business and pursuing a career with NASA to become an astronaut.

Kent Beverly plans to begin Computer Network Systems at ITT Tech. while also taking a business course at another school. In five years he sees himself out of college with a job, looking at how he can further is education and certification in the IT field. He says his overall goal is to, “build a legacy.something that can be built upon by later generations that will continue to benefit the world for a long time to come.”

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