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Walking has been described as one of the best exercises in which anyone can engage. It has benefits for young and old and on the first day of school, Tuesday September 2, Detroit Public School students, parents, and residents in their communities are going to put it to the test. No riding. They will set a precedence for the school year by walking to school for DETROIT WALK DAY.

But this event has an added value. When parents or other authorized adults, walk to school with the students, it increases the visibility of the students. Other residents in their homes become more aware of when the children will be walking to school or going home. It never hurts to have an extra pair of caring eyes watching the students as they make their treks.

On DETROIT WALK DAY not only will every participant get a little exercise, parents are encouraged to show their children the safest route to take everyday to get to school and back home. It is especially important for younger children who may have to cross a street that has no crossing guard or who wouldn’t know not to walk near abandoned buildings or those on the other end of the spectrum-buildings with too much foot traffic.

Another safety tip is to teach children to walk to school and back home with one or more friends and to never walk alone. This was common practice only a few decades ago and it is now experiencing a much needed revival. With more children walking to school it is hoped that the practice will spread to adults who just might take up the healthy habit.

To learn more about Detroit Walk Day, contact Detroit Public Schools at 873-6206 or 873-7732.

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