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Once again, Detroit Public School students are involved in a learning opportunity that is unique to the District. “They have the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills that simply are not offered in a high school setting,” said Gerald Lawver, Director of the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Center for Information Assurance.

The students are benefiting from a National Science Foundation award that is funding the Detroit I-Test Youth Project-a collaboration between EMU, the City of Detroit Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the Environmental System Research Institute, Inc., and the Detroit Public Schools. The goal is to prepare select students for a very high level of computer/IT skill, responsibility and knowledge in the much more aggressive and competitive, 21st century electronic information environment. The project is under the direction of Yichun Xie, Ph.D., of Geography and Geology and the EMU Institute for Geospatial Research and Education.

In this program, about 100 DPS students from 14 high schools will learn about a variety of advanced Information Technology management tools. The students will receive roughly 250 hours of training and hands-on experience in IT/GIS (geographic information systems) and technology over a two-year period. They will also receive training in Information Assurance and Computer Emergency Response Team Operations, Cyber Security/Computer Forensics, and Network Security. That knowledge and experience can provide them with nearly unlimited career opportunities.

” This sort of far-reaching effort is especially needed for students in economically disadvantaged urban areas since they generally have few experiences with information technologies in real-world situations especially as it relates to emergency and crisis management,’ said Randall E. Raymond, Geographic Information Specialist for the Detroit Public Schools. “The program can also serve as a model for empowering youth from any community to determine their own fortunes,’ he added.

The program began this week with orientation for 60 of the students on the Eastern Michigan University campus where the students lived in the dorms and began taking classes in Deans College of Technology and Arts and Sciences. They were introduced to subjects such as Vulnerability Analysis; Using GIS To Solve Problems; Network Security; Creating Map Symbology; Electronic Crimes; and Your Future and Technology. The next step in the program is the focus on on-line learning, now and through the school year. As the students develop their skills, they will be placed in paid internships with the City of Detroit or a contractor. This project has attracted national attention. Clarence Tait, the Director of Cyber Security for the Department of Homeland Security was one of the presenters.

For information about DPS enrollment, call 313-873-7098 or visit our website at www.detroitk12.org.

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