Citywide Baby Shower

The Detroit Public Schools Catherine Ferguson Academy recently held a ‘City Wide Baby Shower’ to attract and enroll pregnant teens and teenaged mothers, who are not attending school and who would normally be in grades 7 to 12. The Shower was a wonderful mix of nearly 100 pregnant teens, teen mothers and babies, along with many family members and friends. Principal Asenath Andrews told them how the Ferguson program can help the young mothers get back in school, stay in school and look forward to a better life for themselves and their babies. During the Shower, volunteers handed out great prizes such as strollers and gift bags and the teens went on tours of the school and the grounds which include a small farm with animals, orchards, vegetable and flower gardens and beehives. Several social service agencies were also on hand to help meet special needs. Catherine Ferguson Academy is the sister school of Boykin CEC which is also a DPS school for pregnant teens and teenaged mothers which accommodates children in kindergarten. For more information or to enroll, call Ferguson on 596-4771 or Boykin on 866-0524.

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