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Located on Second Avenue just south of West Grand Boulevard, the Detroit Public Schools Children’s Museum is still one of Detroit’s nicest secrets but the word is really getting out about this cultural jewel through the Macy’s Museum Adventure Pass Program. Supported by the Cultural Alliance of Southeastern Michigan, the Library Foundation of Michigan, Macy’s and local media, the program has put access to Detroit’s plethora of cultural sites in the hands of many families that would normally not be able to afford such excursions. By doing so it helps meet the goal of getting more people familiar with many local cultural outlets and libraries.

“We’ve noticed a definite increase in the number of visitors from Detroit, the state and out of state. When they see what we have, local teachers especially want more information about our artifacts lending program and about getting their classes involved in our activities,” said Leslie Williams, Community Relations Coordinator.

Upon arrival at the Museum, visitors, both adults and children, are generally impressed by the space-23,000 square feet filled with fun, educational displays. During the summer, it is especially busy with a steady stream of special classes and demonstrations offered in the Museum’s ‘Our Funtastic World Programs & Workshops.’ The sessions range from puppet shows to learning about children’s games around the world, to going off-world in the child-friendly planetarium. The sessions last from now through August 7.

The Detroit Children’s Museum was established in 1917 and provides an environment where children are free to explore the wonders of science, arts and crafts, music, cultural history, simple child’s play and more. With over 100,000 items on display and a program that features year-round classes, the Children’s Museum is a perfect place for youngsters to secure educational and cultural building blocks that will enrich their learning experiences and prepare them for success in school and in life.

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