On News Publication of Incomplete Information on Detroit Public Schools

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Statement by Michael Casserly
Executive Director Council of the Great City Schools

The Council of the Great City Schools deplores the release of information published in Detroit newspapers today that is preliminary and incomplete and not finalized by the Council and the review teams.

We continue to process information to complete and issue a report to the Detroit school system on the teams’ overall findings.

Despite the published comments of an individual team member, it is the position of the Council that the Detroit Public Schools is facing fiscal issues that have been building for many years. We have confidence the administration is addressing the issues as quickly as we identify them.

The Council’s independent review was requested by the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools to help the school district identify its fiscal strengths and weaknesses to improve its financial operations and to address instructional, facilities and other operational issues.

Publication of an incomplete report does a disservice to the Detroit school system and the citizens of the City of Detroit as the school district is trying to solve longstanding fiscal issues with a clear focus on what needs to be done. That is why the superintendent requested the peer reviews in the first place.

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