DPS unveils several public safety initiatives for the new school year

Mini-stations in several high schools, a unit for police reserves, a motorcycle patrol and an expanded presence in the community are among the many innovations that will be introduced this year by the Detroit Public Schools Department of Public Safety to ensure the safety of all students and employees.

The mini-stations, which will each be staffed by full-time DPS police officers, will be housed in the following high schools: Henry Ford, Cooley, Central, Cody and Northwestern. The officers will work closely with students and staff at the high schools.

The creation of the mini-stations is partly in response to concerns raised by parents about the impact that the consolidation of students from rival high schools could have on the classroom environment. It is also a manifestation of the commitment to public safety by the Detroit Board of Education and General Superintendent Dr. Connie K. Calloway.

“No student can learn in an environment of fear,” said Dr. Calloway. “This is a top priority for the District. A safer learning environment will ultimately contribute to increased student achievement.”

In addition to the mini-stations, other public safety initiatives include:

Creation of two DPS police precincts or substations. One will be located on the Eastside and another on the Westside of the city. These precincts will heighten the visibility of the District’s police officers in the city’s neighborhoods.
Motorcycle patrol. District officers will patrol school parking lots and neighborhoods surrounding the schools on a consistent basis.
Police reserve unit. Volunteer police officers will be trained beginning this fall. The officers will help patrol to supplement the efforts of the District’s regular police officers.
Implementation of P.A. 330 Program.

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