Board of Education signs off on 4 contract schools: Program will strengthen skills of young people, help them get high school diplomas

In an attempt to boost the number of high school graduates in the city, the Detroit Board of Education has awarded contracts to four organizations for the operation of schools designed to serve young people who want an opportunity to complete high school.

The Board awarded contracts to Riverside Preparatory, Inc., Tredco-Patch-More School Initiative, Detroit Association of Black Organizations, and the Detroit Behavioral Institute. The program at the Detroit Behavioral Institute will target children who are a part of the judicial system. The schools are free of charge.

The Last Chance program, as it is commonly known, is an educational partnership between the Detroit Public Schools and community-based outreach organizations. These programs are designed to help students who have dropped out of school gain the skills necessary to prepare them for state licensing certification examinations, high school completion or work. Significant community resources and partner participation assist at-risk youth regain their self-respect and increase their employment prospects as they gain credits toward high school completion. Students between the ages of 17 and 19 who are not enrolled in school have the opportunity to take courses in a wide variety of academic and career technical areas, including culinary arts, cosmetology, building trades, computer repair, graphic design, film making, and computer animation.

Community partners include local television stations, faith-based organizations, food retailers, trade unions, and other local businesses. Students attend classes at various sites during the day and are afforded opportunities to participate in career pathway training in the afternoon and evening.

About the Detroit Public Schools

The Detroit Public Schools, founded in 1842, is one of the nation’s largest public school systems. Detroit Public Schools is a school district of choice and is open to children who live outside the city. The District offers numerous competitive academic and career technical programs.

Among these world-class programs are middle college programs where high school students can obtain diplomas and associate’s degrees simultaneously; ninth grade academies at high schools like Cody, Denby and Southeastern; career and technical education programs that offer a myriad of courses, such as banking, allied health, automotive engineering, culinary studies, hospitality management, mass communications, and graphic design; and a renowned early childhood center.

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