New transportation policy announced for DPS students: Policy aimed at alleviating issues related to closure and consolidation of schools

The Detroit Public Schools system is taking steps to make it easier for students to get to and from school in the coming academic year.

Under a new policy recently adopted by the Detroit Board of Education, all students in kindergarten through the eighth grade who live a minimum of three-quarters of a mile from their school building will be eligible to ride a school bus.

High school students affected by the recent closure and consolidation of schools will receive free passes to ride Detroit city buses for a whole year. The affected high schools are Redford, McKenzie, Northern and Murray Wright.

In addition, K-8 students affected by the District’s realignment plan will have special stopping points for schools buses created for them throughout their neighborhoods. Many of these stopping points will be at the students’ closing schools. The students will be transported from those points to their new school buildings.

All of these policies are aimed are eliminating any hurdles in the way of a smooth transition for these students and their parents.

During the last school year, only students in kindergarten through the fifth grade were eligible to take advantage of the District’s three quarters of a mile policy. The board is enacting this new policy in an attempt to erase any difficulties all students, particularly those affected by the closure and consolidation of 33 school buildings, might have in getting to and from school.

“Our goal is to ensure that all of our students get to school each morning without having to deal with the burden of long treks and walking through potentially unsafe neighborhoods,” said Jovon Boyer, the District’s executive director of transportation. “A child that is comfortably shuttled to and from school is likely to perform better academically. We are hopeful that this new policy will be an asset to the District’s efforts to increase student achievement while easing the transition of thousands of students to their new buildings.”

About the Detroit Public Schools

The Detroit Public Schools, founded in 1842, is one of the nation’s largest public school systems. Detroit Public Schools is a school district of choice and is open to children who live outside the city. The District offers numerous competitive academic and career technical programs.

Among these world-class programs are the Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School, Michigan’s only public school of its kind; Davis Aerospace, one of few college prep high schools in the country where students can obtain a pilot’s license; the Detroit School of the Arts, a multiple award winning performing arts high school; and Crockett Technical High School, a digital technology high school.

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