Community Use of Schools

Mission Statement

To facilitate use of District facilities during non-instructional hours for the purpose of enhancing student, parent and community participation in educational opportunities that is consistent with the mission of the School District.

School personnel and other departments utilize District facilities for such activities as:

  • Open Houses
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Drama and Musical Performances
  • LSCO Groups
  • School Athletic Events

Community organizations utilize Detroit Public School buildings for activities such as:

  • Community meetings
  • Athletic leagues
  • Religious services
  • Parent and adult enrichment
  • Arts and Crafts exhibitions
  • After School tutorial programs



Did you know that during Non-Instructional Hours, Detroit Public Schools allows use of its buildings for Community Use?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a permit?
    A permit enables use of District schools during non-instructional hours. It is obtained by application made by a school, organization or an individual to use a facility that requires the signature of the school administrator.
  2. Who should apply for a permit?
    Anyone, organization or school that wishes to use a school during non-instructional hours.
  3. Is there a charge to use a District school during non-instructional hours?
    Yes. Both, internal and external users are required to pay a nominal fee to use a District school during non-instructional hours.
  4. Why is a Certificate of Liability Insurance required of external users?
    To protect the District, or indemnify and hold harmless in the event of incident. The certificate must name Detroit Public Schools Board of Education of the City of Detroit as an additional insured and must be no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.The policy period must be current for the dates of usage and/or periods of access and shall contain the following information:

    1. Name and Address of Entity
    2. Name, Address and Telephone Number of the Requesting Agent
    3. Description of Event and Location of DPS Facility
  5. What organizations must apply for a permit?
    All organizations wishing to use a District facility during non-instructional hours must apply for a permit. Some examples include Athletic Leagues, Before and After School Latchkey Providers, and Municipalities.
  6. Can I just pay staff to work an event?
    No. District employees are not to receive any payments whatsoever from any source other than the District. All payments for Community Use are to be made via certified check or money to the Office of Community Use or from an internal users account string ten (10) days before the first day of intended use.
  7. What staff should work an event?
    The Office of Community Use determines the type and number of staff needed for each event based on the information provided on the application for permit and as requested by the school administrator.