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Emergency Student Achievement Summer School Academies - April 27, 2009

This afternoon Detroit Public Schools learned, through a letter from Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Flanagan, of the Department’s approval of our request to reallocate $52 million within the Title I program to Emergency Student Achievement Summer School Academies, for programs and initiatives that have been designed to be feasible and Title I-eligible programs which will have the greatest impact between now and the end of the fiscal year. I would like to thank Superintendent Flanagan and his staff for their prompt approval of this request.

I have asked the Acting Superintendent to call an immediate, all hands meeting with everyone involved in the summer school program to make sure that we maximize the opportunities for DPS students.

Since we announced our request for approval of this program, I have received excellent recommendations from DPS staff as to how the program can be most effective. I have also received information from specialized service providers as to how they can be involved. Overall, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive from all sectors of the community and district—parents, assistant principals, principals, and curriculum leaders. A great deal of feedback was also received during the 600+ individual meetings I held with DPS administrators during the recent contract nonrenewal process.

The pressure is on all of us who are focused on student achievement to make this program work on behalf of the children and to make certain that we are in full compliance with the rules and regulations governing these programs.

Robert C. Bobb
Emergency Financial Manager

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