Competitive Grants

A sum of money awarded to finance a particular activity or facility. A grant provides funding for fixed or known periods of time and has specific requirements that need to be met. Students, staff, parents and community members are welcome to apply for grant opportunities to support and promote the BluePrint 2020: The Strategic Plan for Rebuilding Detroit’s Public Schools.

Competitive Grants Guidelines

  1. All grants must support and promote the Blueprint 2020
  2. Funding opportunities over $10,000 must have a complete Grant Notification form to be emailed, scanned, or faxed to the Department of Development and Partnerships for final signature approval to proceed.
  3. All grants under $10,000 do not require a form but must be approved by the Principal to proceed. Copies of all Grant Awards must be sent to the Department of Development and Partnerships.

Awards and Compliances

  1. After the grant has been awarded, forward a copy of the following to Department of Development and Partnerships:
    1. Copy of Grant Application
    2. Copy of Grant Award Letter
    3. Private Grant Reporting Form
  2. A principal or department head must sign off on the Grant Proposal Form acknowledging that they are aware of the intent to submit a grant application.
  3. All grant funds under $10,000 must be logged into a separate general ledge account. It is the responsibility of the Principal to assure that all grants funds are used for the sole purpose of the funder.


  • Grant opportunity must support and promote the BluePrint 2020
  • Complete and submit copies of application, award letter, and reporting form
  • All funds under 10,000 must be entered into a separate ledge account

Vetting Process

Thoroughly examine and investigate information provided in the application for validity.