Cash, goods and/or in-kind services willingly provided to the district without payment to enhance the scholastic achievement of students within the district. Corporations, organizations or individuals are welcome to make contributions to support and promote the BluePrint 2020: Our Strategic Plan for Rebuilding the Detroit’s Public School.

Donation Guidelines

  1. We ask that a picture of the items be uploaded with the donation application or send to
  2. We do not accept broken or damaged items or items missing parts
  3. We reserve the right to decline a donation if our facility is at capacity or does not meet our needs
  4. In-kind refers to donations of goods instead of cash. Donated services are not tax deductible. Please note, according to IRS regulations, establishing a dollar value on donated items is the exclusive responsibility of the donor.

Two Ways to Donate

Donors may either contact a school directly or work with the Department of Development & Partnerships staff to determine if the donations meet school or central office needs.

  1. Donate directly to a DPSCD School or Central Office Department
    This will expedite the process and allow donors to align with the school’s or department’s specific needs. A full list of our schools and departments may be found on the district’s website.
  2. Donate directly to the DDP Staff
    If you are looking for additional guidance or support in facilitating a donation, please contact our office for assistance.


  • Donation Application – Aligns with the BluePrint 2020, Evaluation Metrics and
    the School’s Academic Focus
  • Principal/Administrator Endorsement and Central Office Approvals
  • Arrangements for Donation Delivery – All donations must be delivered by the donor

Vetting Process

Thoroughly examine and investigate information provided in the
application for validity.