Camp Burt Shurly

This unique Title 1 Summer Campership Program at Dr. Burt R. Shurly Camp is located in Gregory, Michigan for Detroit Public Schools students ages 7 –12.

At the camp students are afforded a six day overnight experience where Michigan certified teachers offer enrichment in Language Arts, Mathematics and Natural Science. Additional emphasis will be placed on socialization, character-building, self reliance and individual creativity.

Title 1 Funds are used to pay the full cost of the Camp Program. There is no cost to individual schools or parents.


Requirements to attend

  • Student must attend a Title 1 Detroit Public School.
  • Student must be Title 1 eligible.
  • Student must have participated in a Title 1 reading and or math program this past school year.
  • Student must be between the age of 7 – 12.



Applications can be obtained at a child’s school or contact Tammy Deane in the Office of Real Estate at (313) 576-0945, or call the Office of Health and Physical Education at (313) 873-7735.