DPS Takes Action to Address Building Issues

Detroit Public Schools is committed to making the necessary repairs to its buildings in order to provide our students with an environment conducive to academic achievement.

The District is actively working to address the building maintenance issues that have been cited in the inspection reports received to-date from the City of Detroit, as well as those concerns that have been submitted through its internal work order system by individual schools with its available resources.

Life and safety matters are the District’s priority, and the District will work to address those issues immediately.

In the interest of transparency and wanting employees and the public to view the progress being made on repairs moving forward, the District will post a weekly update on the corrective actions taken on the violations at inspected schools… Read the full story.

DPS Reprioritizes Spending to Address Building Issues

$300,000 to be moved from existing departmental spending plans

Detroit Public Schools today announced that it is reprioritizing its use of budgeted funds to continue addressing the work orders currently in its system, as well as the property maintenance and safety violations cited in reports from the City of Detroit’s ongoing inspections of the District’s 97 school buildings. DPS is redirecting $300,000 specifically to address immediate, critical needs pinpointed in the reports… Read the full story.

Consent Agreement with the City of Detroit

Detroit Public Schools has been working diligently to remedy the violations cited in the City of Detroit inspection reports, as well as to continue to address the issues that are submitted by schools into the District’s online work order system. Good progress has been made on correcting a significant number of the violations; however, there are certain issues for which the District has requested an extension to the completion date (including for total roof replacements, the ordering of materials, and the scheduling of certified contractors for specific work). To ensure that all parties are on the same page as it relates to what work has been completed and what work remains to be done on the violations, as well as the timelines for completion of the items, the District and the City have collaboratively developed a formal agreement that will guide this work. This document is in the process of being signed by both parties at this time. DPS remains committed to ensuring that our students and staff have an environment that is conducive to learning and working.

Certificates of Compliance

The following DPS schools have passed their re-inspections by the City of Detroit and have received their Certificates of Compliance. All original issues cited in the original inspection reports have been corrected by Detroit Public Schools.

Building Repair Updates

February 9, 2016

February 16, 2016

February 29, 2016

March 9, 2016


The repair of the failed steam supply line at Spain Elementary-Middle School was completed on February 5, 2016. The clean-up (including back-fill of open surface area) took place on Monday, February 8, 2016. The replacement of the asphalt will occur as soon as weather permits.


Vernor Elementary School Room 213. Before and After. Important note: This issue addressed more than one year ago!

Vernor Elementary School Room 213. Before and After. Important note: This issue addressed more than one year ago!

New Capital Improvements Fund

The District is partnering with the Detroit Public Schools Foundation to launch a new capital improvements fund where any individual, group, nonprofit, and business and/or corporation can make a donation that will be used specifically to address the District’s $50 million in facility capital, maintenance and repair issues at school buildings with the most immediate need that currently exist in the system.

For example, it would cost $2.7 million to replace the roofs that are needed at Dossin, Vernor and Spain Elementary Schools (Spain: $1.5 million, Dossin: $675,000 and Vernor: $600,000). Spain also needs its windows and doors replaced, which could increase the total need for this school to $5.4 million. And, to repair the gymnasium and pool, it would cost an additional $300,000).

More details about this new fund will be announced within the next two weeks.

School-Based Reporting of Facility Maintenance Needs

Detroit Public Schools Operations and Auxiliary Services Department includes the Physical Plant Operations Division (PPO) which is responsible for the maintenance of the District’s 97 school buildings. PPO tracks and prioritizes all requests for repairs or maintenance through the District’s internal online work order system, “School Dude.”

School-based staff should report all facility issues and concerns to their Principal, who will alert the Building Engineer or Custodian to alert them of the issue(s). If the Building Engineer/Custodian cannot address the concern, a work order is placed on SCHOOLDUDE.COM for the appropriate trade/craft to conduct the work. Larger jobs may require the work to be competitively bid and awarded.

FY15 Work Order Completion Statistics

FY15 Work Order Completion Statistics