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System Benefits

The WRESA Student Information System to be implemented in Detroit Public Schools in the fall of 2010, has many features which will make life easier for students, teachers and administrators. Below are listed a few of the many system benefits that can be expected:


  • With the new system attendance can be taken by teachers in class without having to print sheets or write anything down. It will all be done electronically.


  • With the new system, transcripts can be created from the system without printing or typing anything. In the old system, typewriters had to be used to print transcripts in many cases and each school used their own methods.


  • In the new system, counselors can document visits on-line very easily. Then those visits can be brought up for their review. In the old system these visits were documented on manual notes which were frequently lost.


  • In the new system, when a child enrolls in a school outside of their home school boundary, the system will issue an alert so that the question of why they are outside that boundary can be asked.


  • In the new system English Language Learner test information can be stored for multiple years. In the old system there was only room for one year and comparing progress was very difficult because manual scores from prior years had to be looked up.


  • The Parent Connect module is implemented in the new system, parents can access student progress, attendance and grades via the internet. Parents will also be able to change demographic data and contact information from home. School information such as school plays, sporting events, news, etc will also be available.


  • The Student Connect module of the new system will allow students to access assignments via the internet. They will able to send questions to their instructors and get information back via email.


  • Grades on the new system will also be entered on-line. There will be no scan sheets and scanners required.


  • Many more benefits will be listed in the weeks to come so stay tuned