The New Student Information System Implementation Project » Vision


Our vision with the implementation of the WRESA SIS system is to be creative, informed, take advantage of opportunities for change and provide the opportunity to have a smooth transition from the old system to the new one.  The WRESA project implementation team intends to see the new system up and running in the fall of 2010 with students scheduled before school, with all students that were in the old system in the new system and with building staff trained on how to use the new system. 

By September of 2010, all student, teacher, school, course and facility data from the current SIS system will have been loaded into the WRESA system and tested for accuracy.  When school starts, administrators should see a list of their currently enrolled students and they should be able to easily enroll new students into their buildings.  Before September 2010, all existing students should have schedules for the schools that they have been slated to go to.  If schedule changes are required, they will be done using the new SIS system.

The ultimate goal of the project is to see administrators and teachers using the new system next year with very few difficulties almost as if they were using the old system.  We would like to see attendance up to date and reviewed daily by building administrators, we want to see transcripts being created from the system without having to go to a specific location or building, we want to see instructors using system generated progress reports and sharing them with parents, we want to see students using the system to obtain home work assignments.  That’s the direction that we are moving in.