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SIS Training Registration

Online Registration Instructions for DPS SIS Service Training:

 Click the following url to register online by going to: Online Course Registration

Registration Steps:

  1. Under the “Professional Development” tab, click on the “Workshop Registration” link.
  2. Click on “Workshop Registration” link again.
  3. Select the icon, “View by Category”.
  4. Select “Detroit Public Schools” from the menu list and Click on the “Go” Button to get the list of courses. 
  5. When the Course List appears, click on the desired course.  
  6.  Select the date(s) wanted and click. Then Scroll down and hit, “Click Here”.
  7. Users will have the option to enter an ID and password, OR, create a new account.  *New Account Users please use your Employee ID as your ID.


Special Info:

  • (Please be sure to verify the course and location, as there are several different courses and locations)
  • Saturday Training Classes:  For courses 3257 and 3258. Participants can take either one or both of the classes on Saturday.  If a participant decides to take both classes on Saturday, both classes must be signed up for when registering.
  •  All Participants are expected to take the Service Tracker Training first.