The New Student Information System Implementation Project

Project Description

The WRESA Student Information System (SIS) Implementation project is about replacing the existing AS400 based SIS system with a newer system as smoothly and painlessly as possible.  The new system is different from the old system in many ways but the two systems are both designed to enroll students, get them scheduled, take their attendance and give them grades.  The new system will do these things using more current technology including use of the internet for system so that users can access their authorized data from work, from home or from the classroom.

As the system is being put into place, the business processes of the old system will be carefully examined to see when and where better methods can be used.  With the existing system, some processes could not be easily changed because of technology limitations.  Using the WRESA SIS system, day to day items like attendance, transfers, grade reporting will be done much more efficiently with a dramatically reduced use of paper and other supplies.  Also, system access by parents to review student performance and attendance and by students to review home work assignments and communicate with teachers will be available for the first time.

The existing AS400 SIS system has numerous subsystem interfaces.  This project intends to replace all key interface processes directly or indirectly.  An example of an interface is the current SIS system supplying the Transportation system with daily updates of student address changes so that student routes can be created using the latest data.  The Transportation system then gives the SIS system the latest student route numbers and stop information.

This project will be implemented in three primary phases.  Phase 1 will include Special Education IEP data collection and Special Education Medicaid services.  This phase will be up and running in November of 2009.  Phase 2 will involve implementing the classis SIS functions and the interfaces that go along with it.  Training for Phase 2 will begin in December, early use of the system for pre-enrollment and pre-scheduling will begin in the spring of 2010 and use of the system for enrollment and attendance will begin in September 2010. See our System Phase chart for a more detailed list of what system components will be implemented in each phase.

Phase 3 will occur after the basic functions are up and running.  In Phase 3, parents and teachers will be given system access to view homework, student progress, attendance and other data which would be pertinent to parents and students. Phase 3 would also include a few other system modules such as activities tracking that were not included in the Phase 2 implementation push.

 See a link to a further phase breakdown below:

Project Implementation Phases