What is the name of the new email system?

The email system is called DPSMail.

What is wrong with the current email system?

The current email system, iMail, is older antiquated software and is running on older hardware. To provide the District with the best quality email service, the district chose to go to a hosted email system with Merit Network Services.

Who else uses Merit?

Merit is used as an email service for Wayne State University, Macomb Community College, and Western Michigan University, to name a few. Please go to http://www.merit.edu/services/meritmail/successstories.php for more information regarding who uses the Merit email service.

When will I get an account on the new email system?

There will be a phased migration. When you get your email depends on your employee type and where you work. When you are eligible to get your email and set up your account, you will be notified.

Below is high-level timeline (this may be subject to change):

  • Early Adopters will get their accounts mid July.
  • Full year staff and Principals will get their accounts starting in early August.
  • 10 Month staff will get their accounts after Principals, etc.

What is the Early Adopters program?

The Early Adopters program is a program where a select set of end users will get their email account early in exchange for feedback on the new email system. This is a volunteer program and all are welcome to sign up. We will contact you if you are elected to participate in the program.

How will I login?

To login to DPSMail, go to the DPSMail portal (the link is forthcoming) use your Employee ID or Contractor ID and Active Directory login. However, your email address will remain <First Name>.<Last Name> @detroitk12.org.

Why use Employee ID vs. <First Name>.<Last name> for login ID?

When the login ID is <First Name>.<Last Name> it is very difficult to change the DPSMail name. Employee ID and Contractor ID do not change. Please note this only affects your login ID and not your email address.

Will the Calendar system be replaced?

Yes, DPSMail will replace the Calendar server as well. The new Calendar system is much more robust in scheduling and resource management.

How much space do I get on the new email system?

Everyone will start with 4096MB of space, and can go as high as 16,384MB depending on needs. Please note, the current iMail system user starts with 50 MB of space.

How will the data get migrated over to the new email system?

The existing email data will be migrated over by Detroit Public Schools IT and Merit resources. The End user will not have to migrate data over.

What about SPAM, will the new mail system Filter SPAM?

The District receives a tremendous amount of SPAM email. As part of the new DPSMail system the district will be going with a new industrial strength spam filter called Iron Port.

Will the district support third party email like Outlook?

The District will not support the Microsoft Outlook application only the connectivity to the Outlook software. What does that mean? Any additional functionality or support is up to the end user. Please see the DPS Mail User Guide for Mobile Devices on the DPSMail portal (the link is forthcoming).

What is the largest file I can send?

The largest file size 15 MB.

Will the new email system have Black Berry support?

Yes, the District will be deploying Black Berry Enterprise services shortly after the email rollout, with the goal of synchronizing email, contacts, and calendar.

What does the new email system look like?

Please see screen shots below.

DPS Mail
DPS Mail

Address Book
Address Book




For questions not covered by this FAQ, please contact:

DPS Service Desk
(313) 576-0100