Detroit Rising College Preparatory Schools

Detroit Rising College Preparatory Schools are committed to putting every student on a path to graduation and college. A member of the Detroit Public Schools family of schools, we offer a demanding college prep curriculum in a safe, nurturing neighborhood environment that features small class sizes, individual attention and opportunities for internships, scholarships and college visits.

With support from the community and expert educators who are in the driver’s seat, Detroit Rising College Preparatory schools will be held to high standards of accountability, including rigorous performance expectations. We will demonstrate that a neighborhood high school in Detroit can graduate students and send them to college at rates equal to the best suburban schools.

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The Detroit Rising Difference

  • A commitment to ensure at least 90 percent of incoming 9th graders graduate and at least 90 percent of all graduates go to college or technical school, the one sure path to a good career and financial security
  • Small class sizes
  • Strong discipline to support an orderly environment conducive to learning
  • A college prep curriculum that is designed with input from colleges and universities to make our scholars arepared to succeed in college
  • Decisions affecting each scholar are in the hands of the principal and teachers who know them best
  • Themed programs offer students hands-on experience in technology, medicine, engineering, public leadership and the arts
  • College advisors to help scholars gain access to scholarships and grants to make college affordable
  • Campus and building upgrades at the Cody and Osborn schools this fall
  • Governing Councils comprised of leading citizens who provide the school with access to opportunities and additional resources needed to be successful
  • Instructional staff who are Highly Qualified, Certified and Unionized


The 90/90/17 Promise

Detroit Rising College Preparatory Schools have set ambitious academic targets. We will provide the resources and support students need to succeed.

  • By 2016, 90 percent of all seniors will graduate
  • 90 percent of all graduates will enroll in a post-secondary program
  • The average 11th grade ACT score will be 17 for the class of 2016
  • The average ACT score will be 21 by the class of 2020
Osborn at Inauguration

Students from the Osborn high schools visit Washington, D.C., to take part in the second inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Our Schools


Detroit Rising College Preparatory Schools – Summer Programs

The following self-governing schools are offering summer school programs:

  • Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine
  • Detroit School of Arts
  • Cody:  Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School
  • Cody: Academy of Public Leadership
  • Cody: Medicine and Community Health Academy
  • Osborn Evergreen Academy
  • Osborn Math, Science and Technology Academy
  • Osborn College Prep Academy

Summer Learning Enrichment at Osborn Evergreen Academy will encompass a variety of learning experiences in Reading, Mathematics and ACT Preparatory classes through on-line activities, hands-on activities and small and cooperative learning groups. Students will have exposure to outside learning experiences through field- trips/speakers related to the content area. Credit Recovery courses will also be offered in the core areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Osborn Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology will offer the following summer school programs:

  • Credit Recovery Summer School for Grades 9-12
  • “Jump Start” Early College Bridge Program for incoming 9th graders
  • “Dream” (Dare to Revisit English and Math) Summer Enrichment Program geared toward MST students moving to grades 10-12 who need refresher courses in the areas of English (Reading & Writing) and Mathematics

The Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School at Cody will offer Credit Recovery and Summer Enrichment programs for the upcoming summer school period.

Medicine and Community Health Academy at Cody (MCH) will offer free Credit Recovery, Enrichment and a 9th grade Bridge Program for their high school students in grades 9-12. Students may take up to three classes and earn a total of 1.5 credits.   Medicine and Community Health Enrichment classes are for any MCH student that wants to strengthen their skills in any content area and ACT Prep. Students will also participate in Health Care related activities, summer employment, community service projects and a college-going experience.

For full details on school offerings, contact your individual school.