Ross-Hill Academy

Capstone Academy Charter School is residential facility with three sites across Detroit. The adolescent residential treatment programs treat youths with mental disorders and co-existing disorders who have been adjudicated or have committed criminal acts. Students are referred or are required to undergo psychiatric treatment by a court or family service agency.

Grades: 4-12
School Type: Strict Discipline Academy (Adjudicated Youth)


3500 John R St.
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 202-6082
Located near: Mack and John R

15255 Mayfield
Detroit, MI 48205
(313) 347-9400
Located near: Chalmers and Houston-Whittier

1326 St. Antoine
Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 967-2040
Located near: 375 and E. Lafayette
Neighborhood: Greektown

Principal: Brian Serafino
Email Address:
Management Company:  EdTec Central LLC
Year first authorized: 2012

Board Members for 2017-18

Name Office
Mary L. Johnson tbd
Mitzi Mitsunaga tbd
Alan White tbd
Douglas Butler tbd
Victor Marsh tbd

Documents and Resources
2017-18 Board Meeting Calendar to come
Capstone Academy Charter
Capstone Educational Goals
Capstone 2015-16 Annual Report
Capstone 2016-17 Annual Report



3111 Elmwood, Detroit, MI 48207

3111 Elmwood, Detroit, MI 48207