Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) and Adventure Challenge Activities (ACA)

Igniting the flame in the learning relationship

Utilizing Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) and Adventure Challenge Activities (ACA)

School Social Workers connect the Experiential Learning Cycle and Adventure Challenge Activities to MLE to create an exciting and safe environment in order to develop lifelong learning skills. It is believed that by blending the concepts of Adventure Challenge Activities with MLE, the importance of the relationship building process is reinforced as well as the principles of mediation:

  • Intentionality and Reciprocity
  • Transcendence
  • Meaning
  • Mediated Feeling of Competence
  • Mediated Regulation of Behavior

Participants will not just gain knowledge about MLE and ACA, they will actively experience the process, and use the information within their group and classrooms, thereby deepening learning. A variety of strategies and techniques are used to consistently engage the learners’ Multiple Intelligence such as music, visuals, kinesthetic activities, group discussions and group demonstrations. This process allows the learner to maximize their learning and achievement through active involvement with the information and to pave the way to higher MEAP scores and Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) attainment. Information is also provided on how Instrumental Enrichment from MLE and ACA can be used in the classroom to improve thinking, learning, and team building skills. Additionally, MLE and ACA addresses the social/emotional issues, which effect learning like sharing, cooperation, persistence, and problem solving to help develop an intervention plan to strengthen a learner’s deficits.