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Science in DPS

Consistent with Detroit Public Schools’ commitment to excellence in education, the Office of Science and the Detroit Mathematics and Science Center are dedicated to the advancement of Scientific and Mathematical literacy for all students.

We provide all of our students with:

  • A rigorous learning environment that uses data to assess designed curriculum that is aligned to state and national standards with accompanying assessment, active engagement through inquiry based learning, and highly qualified teachers.
  • A relevant learning environment utilizing integrated technology to enhance the delivery of content and student understanding in a rich real world context.
  • An engaging learning environment that fosters and nurtures symbiotic relationships between students, staff, families, and community partners, as well as, connecting the classroom experiences to everyday events and career options.

Science Related Student Programs

FLICS Future City

  • A World In Motion  (K-6)
  • Detroit Area Pre College Engineering Program
  • Detroit Children’s Museum (K-6 Title I funded trips/loaning kits)
  • Family Science and Engineering Events
  • Future City (6-8)
  • Recycling
  • Robotics
  • Science Fair (Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit for grades 6-12)
  • STEAM after school program (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics)
  • You Be the Chemist (5-8)




AL Holmes Cranbrook

Grades 1-8

Curriculum for grades 1-8 are designed as integrated science courses to include physical science, life science, and earth science aligned to the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE).  Teachers are encouraged to utilize technology, science equipment, and provide hands on experiences as they teach science.  Middle schools may also offer a DAPCEP (Detroit Pre College Engineering) class if they have a qualified DAPCEP teacher on staff.

High school

The standard high school science courses are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science, which are aligned to the High School Content Expectations (HSCE).  Science electives available in the district include:  Forensics, Robotics, and Environmental Science.  Additionally schools may offer a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses which allow students to receive college credit if they pass the AP Exam with a qualifying score.


Student Science requirements

According to the graduation requirements for the state of Michigan, students must complete the following courses in high school:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry OR Physics
  • 1 other Science course

In order to have a more robust college application, it is the recommendation of the Office of Science that high school students go beyond the minimal graduation requirement and take four years of Science, which should include at least 1 Advanced Placement course.  This can possibly give an advantage when applying to colleges, or to the workforce.

Additionally, with the current focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), it is strongly recommended that students participate in an after school or weekend science enrichment program such as DAPCEP (Detroit Pre College Engineering Program), Robotics, Environmental Science Club, or the Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit.


Additional services for students

Clippert AWIM

  • Community partnerships
  • Science Fair support
  • Coordination of student programs related to Science such as You Be the Chemist, Green Schools, Future City Competition, Orion’s Quest, Recycling, Robotics, A World in Motion, Family Math, Science & Engineering Nights, etc.




Next Generation Science Standards - For States, By States

New National Standards for Science are being created. They are expected to be finalized early 2013. For more information, please visit


Parent/Student Resources

Parent Activity guides (Grades 1-7) are also available by request from the Detroit Mathematics and Science Center.  Please call 313.873.4519 to make your request.

Science Content

Emerson Grand Prix

Science Fair


Exploring Careers in Science



Family Field Trips

Davison Garden

Local destinations that will spark interest and provide opportunity for your student to learn more about Science.

Camp Burt Shurly

Camp Burt ShurlyThis unique Title 1 Summer Campership Program at Dr. Burt R. Shurly Camp is located in Gregory, Michigan for Detroit Public Schools students ages 7 –12.

At the camp students are afforded a six day overnight experience where Michigan certified teachers offer enrichment in Language Arts, Mathematics and Natural Science. Additional emphasis will be placed on socialization, character-building, self reliance and individual creativity.

Title 1 Funds are used to pay the full cost of the Camp Program. There is no cost to individual schools or parents.

More information on Camp Burt Shurly »

Practice Assessments

In the state of Michigan, students take the Science MEAP at grades 5 and 8 only.  In high school, students take the MME/ACT in the 11th grade.

TIMSS (Third International Math and Science Survey)

NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress)

The NAEP website is an excellent source of sample assessment items.  On the left margin of the website, you must select the grade level, then click on the topic of the question in the center panel of the web page to see the actual assessment item.  You can also print the items.

State Practice Tests

The State Practice Tests website includes examples from all over the United States, as well as the TIMSS and NAEP items. Scroll down the page until you find the grade level/state examples and some brand new items related to Science process skills.

Practice Tests Specific to High School

Other Test Practice

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