Programs for Immigrants, Migrants & Refugees

Office of English Language Learners & Global Languages

Emergency Immigrant Program

The Emergency Immigrant Program is a federally funded program for students who have been in the United States for less than three years. This program provides quality instruction to immigrant students to help them with their transition into American society and to enable them to meet the same challenges, academic standards expected of all children. This program serves approximately 1,300 eligible emergency immigrant students from 89 countries.

Migrant Education Program

The Office of English Language Learners & Global Languages administers the Migrant Education Program within the boundaries of the district. There are approximately 700 migrant students enrolled in the Detroit Public Schools who are receiving services under this funding, and the numbers are increasing each year.

A migrant child is defined as one who has moved with a parent or guardian within the past year across state boundaries or within a state. The family has secured or, at least, sought temporary/seasonal employment in the line of agriculture, fishing or related processes in the cultivation or harvesting of trees. The child of a "settled-in" migrant family is one whose household does not return to the home state or school district nor continues in the employment described above. The family, however, may still be eligible for federally funded migrant education status for a three-year period. There are six schools where over 90% of our migrant students are enrolled. They are: Academy of Americas, Earhart, Maybury, Neinas, Webster and Western High School.

Migrant Education Summer Program

Detroit's Migrant Education Summer Program provides a summer school program for eligible students. The summer program reinforces the fundamental objectives and skills of the regular curriculum, as well as, strengthening English skills.

Refugee Children School Impact Grant

The Refugee Program offers additional services for students who recently arrived in the United States and cannot return to their countries of origin because of political, religious, ideological, or socioeconomic reasons.


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